Appledore Maritime Players

The Nightingale Scandal - 2000

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Narrator - Liz Waters
Thomas Benson MP  - John Mortimer
Frances Benson - Jill Felgate
Catherine Melhuish - Wendy Galliford
Harriet Rendle - Jenny Arnold
Anne Lancey - Stephanie Westlake
Captain John Lancey - Andrew Wright
Thomas Powe - Tom Waters
Bessie Marshall - Doreen Westlake
Richard Parminter - Peter Cantle
James Bather - Alan Waters
Young John Sinnett - Sean Galliford
Town Cryer - Norman Westlake
Narcissus Hatherly - John Galliford
Seaman Shaxton - Sam Westlake
Matthew Reader - Ian Lamb
Ladies of the Tavern - Madeleine Hutchings & Glo Bailey
Judge Joshua Williams - John Nunn
Neloson Frobisher - Clive Johns
Robert Anderson - Nigel Holbrook
Captain Peter Marshall - Terry Bailey
Clerk of the Court - John Galliford
Master at Arms - Sam Westlake
Polly Codgall - Barbara Atkinson
King's Messenger - Ian Lamb
Annabell Lancey - Tiffany Cutler



Sound Engineer  -Norman Westlake
Lighting - Chris Waters
Props - Terry Bailey & ND Maritime Museum
Stage Production - Jenny Arnold & Ian Lamb
Wardrobe - Muriel Feathers
Costumes - Richard Leat