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We are a group of around 20 enthusiastic am-drammers who gather excitedly every January for a read through of the latest play from the pen of Appledore born and bred playwright Tom Waters.

There have been 15 so far and they are staged every June in Appledore Community Hall. Each year we raise money for two different local charities chosen by the cast.

Now in his 80th year,Tom's writing continues to amuse and entertain audiences who come for the humour and    the history - as well as as innuendo and of course the scene-stealing props. There have been planes and boats and cars - so far!

Tom founded the Maritime Players in 1999 and his plays are all inspired by anecdotes and events from the local area embellished with a fair dollop of imagination!

The first was about Lundy - and, coincidentally, so was the latest "For the Love of Lundy" which had three very successful shows in June 2015. The images on this page are from that production.

Producing a play every year is obviously a big commitment so the group is always looking for fresh blood! If you are interested in amateur dramatics, or can help with scenery, costumes or staging, please get in touch with Tom on 01237 474838.









Tom Waters wrote this in January 2006:

Tom WatersIt was the autumn of 1999 when I decided to enter the world of Amateur Dramatics. All I had to do was have a subject ... That subject was a book called "The Nightingale Scandal" centred on Lundy Island. Could I adapt the book to a play - and write it?? The only experience I had was writing humorous soccer stories for a magazine and local football clubs. I had ventured into Maritime Material to produce articles so that had helped. My School reports for English always said, "Could do better. Good sense of humour!" So, armed with an A3 pad and a wife who hovered and criticised my punctuation, I began the task. The story was exiting and proved a success. There hadn't been a drama group in Appledore since 1920 - and that performed religious plays. We wanted humour.

I was joined by my wife Liz and Jenny Arnold, whose vast experience in the theatre as a singer was invaluable. To actually get the Players was quite another matter... But we did! Clive Jones, Nigel Holbrook, young Andrew Wright and then a major breakthrough - Ian Lamb joined us and brought with him his fantastic stage management and acting talents.

Now many years later we have a good team with some really good talent. I'm always proud of them - we're like a family.