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The Play for 2013

The Maritime Players present:

The Black Diamond, directed by Celia Budge, written by Tom Waters

Friday Sept 6th and Saturday 7th at the Appledore Community Hall, 7pm for 7.30



Nico Rossi, the Italian millionaire, has spent the war years in Switzerland protecting his fortune and avoiding the downfall of his beloved Rome. He now resides in Malta with his personal secretary Astrid, clever manipulative personal secretary who he trusts implicitly. He is somewhat nervous of the future and what it might hold, perhaps it’s guilt? He needs his own aeroplane – why?

Sir Cyril Bentley has plenty and is linked with Rossi on a deal. But what happens in the Maltese Falcon Hotel presents another problem.

Murder and intrigue . . .A black diamond and its curse take over the lives of those that seek it.

Arthur Gregory and Alex Watson, employed by Whitehall and Interpol, are called to unravel a series of strange events.  The quest leads to Berlin. Natalie Carrington charms her way into Nico’s life ably supported by Sqd Ldr Blinky Blenkinsop.

The drama is backed up by comedy and those subtle innuendos which the audience love.

Tom Waters
March 2013