Appledore Maritime Players

Barracuda II & The Lindstrom Affair 2005

It's 1938 and Europe is in turmoil ... Hitler is flexing Germany's muscles .... Otto Lindstrom is a German millionaire with a dream - to build a yacht to win the Americas Cup in 1939 ...

Otto arrives in Appledore to meet the shipyard owner who is unsure where his next order is coming from... A young American architect designs the yacht and falls in love with an American film star... Otto's obsession with the yacht blinds him to his wife's private liaisons ...

The workers in the shipyard theaten to strike when hostilities break out and off they go to join in the war effort... Otto and his wife suddenly disappear - foul play is suspected... Shylock Holmes arrives on the scene with Dr. Waterson ...  Moriarty also appears ... Otto reappears as Commandant on a German U-boat off the North Devon coast... Winston Churchill himself arrives at RAF Chivenor concerned about a German Spy ring operating in the area and orchestrates a plan to flush them out.... Have the Germans infiltrated?? Who is the mysterious Sienna Simone? Will Winton's plan succeed........?





Claudia Oke as Sienna Simone

Anne Reeves
Harvey Nicholson Rick Napier
Will Harrison Robin Padbury
Jurgen Alan Boyle
Mrs Cleverdon Liz Waters
Sienna Simone Claudia Oke
Otto Lindstrom/Winston Nigel Holbrook
Mumsie Lindstrom Val Eastman
Ursula Lindstrom Julie Renshaw
Sqdn Ldr Wilson/Jack Cummins Ian Hayter
Jane Cuthbertson Caroline Hinton
Shylock Holmes Jeremy Bell
Dr Waterson Rose Cheetham
PC Pickersgill/Fritz/Heinz Roy Drew
Vinkle   Clive Jones
Dolly Davies   Jenny Arnold
Stella John   Alison Stone
Rita Wright   Madeleine Hutchings
Helen Smith   Pat Drew
Wing Cmd Allbran   Tom Waters



Songs Peformed by


Jenny Arnold/ Margaret Murray-Palmer
Voiceovers Chris Arnold/Clive Jones
Written/Directed by Tom Waters
Scenery/Props Construction Terry Bailey
Script Editor/Stage Manager Colin O'Brien
Pianist Richard Haddon
Music/Sound Effects Richard Bain

Christine Waters




"But I love you soo..."


The "Off to War" Party

(L to R) Rick Napier, Caroline Hinton, Madeleine Hutchings



(L to R) Rick Napier, Caroline Hinton, Madeleine Hutchings, Liz Waters, Robin Padbury, Jenny Arnold



On The Train to Instow

Jeremy Bell as Shylock Holmes

Rose Cheetham as Dr Waterson






Ian Hayter as Sqdn Ldr Wilson

Liz Waters as Mrs Cleverdon

(L to R) Pat Drew, Alison Stone, Jenny Arnold


(L to R) Nigel Holbrook, Caroline Hinton, Rick Napier


Robin Padbury as Shipyard Boss Will Harrison

Caroline Hinton as Jane Cuthbertson


(L to R) Rick Napier, Robin Padbury, Claudia Hinton

Nigel Holbrook and Juile Renshaw

(L to R) Ian Hayter, Nigel Holbrook, Liz Waters